How to play Baccarat in a casino: rules and strategies

Rules how to play Baccarat and win

Although Baccarat is not so very much popular among the American players, this is the game which will let players win if they know the rules well. In case, when the beginners learn how to play Baccarat card game, they can try it for free in the casinos, which welcome the gamblers from the USA.

The knowledge of certain strategies can also interest them in gambling and bring them confidence in future victory. Here, even the theory is not complicated, and when it comes to practice, everything will become clear.

Rules how to play Baccarat

Rules on how to play Baccarat can be learned with the help of an infographic. The pictures showing the card combinations can be found on the sites devoted to the gambling thematic. The theory should be learned as well. In brief, they are as follows:

Baccarat is a card game of French origin, in which dealers and players participate. In most cases, in the online casino, a dealer and 3-5 players are involved in the game. This game has an unpredictable outcome. When playing, 8 decks with 52 cards in each one can be used.

The main purpose of this French game is to bet on a winning hand (bets are made with chips). In other words, the bet must be made on the hand that can take the most points (9 in Baccarat).

Card Combinations

When you want to know how to play Baccarat and win remember the combinations of the cards. The game starts when a player and a dealer get 2 cards each. The highest combination includes two cards, which are worth 9 points. It is called Natural.

Sometimes, the combination that gives 8 is also called “Natural”. The value of a card from 2 to 9 corresponds to its value. The cards from 10 to King give 0 points. The value of an Ace corresponds to 1 point. Learning how to play Baccarat, remember that when drawing is worth more than 9 points, you need to subtract 10 points from it until the remainder is less than 10.

Bets’ types

In Baccarat, a player is allowed to bet on three types of bets:

  • To the win of a player’s Hand. The payout amount is calculated at 1: 1. Sometimes a 5% commission can be withdrawn from the winnings, but this happens in a few casinos;
  • A bet for the dealer’s victory. The amount of the payment is calculated at 19:20;
  • Tie bet (a draw). The payout is calculated in the ratio of 8: 1. When learning how to play Baccarat, remember that it is better not to choose this bet as in most cases, the player will lose here.

The rule of the third hand

Sometimes people ask: “How do you play Baccarat with 2 cards?” In reality, the 3rd card can be taken. For example, it can be taken when:

  • The dealer gets 2 or fewer points;
  • The dealer gets 3 points – they can take the card again, but only if the player has not taken a card with 8 points;
  • The dealer has 4 points, but the player has not taken a card, which points are 0, 1, 8 and 9.

There are more combinations of the cards when the 3rd one should be taken. They can be found on the playing site that offers Baccarat for its players.

Baccarat slots

Although Baccarat slots (simulators) cannot let the players feel all the excitement of the game, they can give them a cool chance to learn more about it and try various strategies and combinations.

It is better to start with free gaming machines not to risk the money. With some experience, the time to gamble in a live casino comes, and there, the true fight starts.

Strategies to win

The beginners that start learning how to play Baccarat, often think that a certain winning strategy can lead them to the victory. In reality, these strategies are not as effective as they are described.

Nevertheless, they can be tried. Martingale is the most famous one. Its sense is as follows: in order to win the bet for 1 unit, $1 should be made. The next bet should have the same size, 1 dollar. If the bet loses, the bet can be made in a two-fold increase, and the player can lose or win $ 4. The next bet also needs to be doubled. It must be continued until the player becomes a winner.

The strategy minus is the large sum of money that is needed to start the game. A newbie should better escape this strategy and concentrate on the gaming process, which is more useful.

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