Casino card games are exciting plays and high opportunities to win money

Card games occupy a special niche in the field of online gambling. Here, each user will find his best game. The history of the card game is hundreds of years old. People have spent their leisure time playing cards since time immemorial. The emergence of virtual casinos has greatly simplified the process of poker competitions and tournaments. Now, a gambler can start the card round at any time, thanks to the online mode.

Casino card games are available on most virtual platforms. Their range is constantly expanding, improving design, sound and functional options. An experienced user knows that there are more than 10 varieties of poker with excellent odds for winning. We offer you an overview of the most popular card games of 2019.

Types of card games in online casino

Different types of card games allow players to choose the right entertainment for people of different ages and professional orientation. How to play casino card games?

Online clubs offer a person a lot of options, and what type of card game the user will eventually prefer – it’s up to him. And it is very important that you can play cards for free online or at a table with friends or family.

Video poker

One of the most popular casino card games, video poker, which, thanks to its interactive mode attracts more and more users to its site. Most Internet sites have tabs that broadcast this kind of game. Players, who are already a little bored with the usual modes of poker or blackjack, often begin to get involved in the possibilities of virtual video poker.

There are several main types of this game, the most famous of which are: • Jacks and up. • Dozens and above. • Aces and Faces. • Deuces Wild.


Blackjack is a classic сard games casino game that many players know very well. In this play, on the one hand is the user, and on the other – a virtual club in the face of the dealer, who distributes the cards. The meaning of the competition is to get more score at face value, but not to exceed the limit of 21 points. Real money blackjack is only a seemingly simple game.

In fact, the participant of this game should have such qualities of character as: endurance, patience, and, of course, luck. In different versions, there are features that can be invisible to the beginner, but affect the end result.

There are a lot of variants of blackjack:

  • Single-deck;
  • Single-Starved Euro;
  • Six-starved;
  • In the open;
  • Bingo;
  • Switch.


People have known about this card game 2 centuries ago. In those days, baccarat was only available to members of high society.

Modern online version of baccarat slot machines is slightly different from its real version. And now the availability of this type of game is open to all people, regardless of social status and size of the wallet. In online сard and casino games baccarat people can play on any, even the minimum rate. Rules in baccarat for money are elementary and do not require special skills and knowledge. The player must collect a combination of cards that will be in the amount of points higher than the combination of the dealer of online club. The perfect combination of points is 9.

The ACE in baccarat is a card that does not give points. Also, without face value there are cards “10” and some others. The number of points is the sum of the cards with digital values. For example, if the sum of points in baccarat is equal to or exceeds ten, the ten is subtracted. In a situation where the hands of the cardholder 7 and 6, for example, from the total amount of 13 is subtracted 10, and the result is 3.

Casino card games list

  • Joker;
  • Blood suckers;
  • Red Dog Poker;
  • Double Triple;
  • Dice;
  • Tens or better.
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