Blackjack online free casino game: rules and advantages

Blackjack online free table game advantages

Those people, who are dreaming to become gamblers and seriously believe that this type of activity and entertainment can bring them money in the future, should start with Blackjack online free play. It is better to pick this game, as probably most people know its rules: the player needs to collect 21 points, and not more (it will be a failure if they get 21+). Thus, persons, who will start with online Blackjack free, can use their “offline knowledge”.

Besides, it will give them some confidence in how to behave in a virtual casino, which unexpected things can happen, etc. After all, if they never gambled on the playing sites, they can use this time to find other games for no money and play them. Getting skills, they will gamble better in the future, make fewer mistakes and win more.

Blackjack online free — start from the rules

When someone plays Blackjack online free in a casino that lets its users do it for no money, they have time to learn the rules of this awesome game.

Learning them, beginners will find out that there are many variants of Blackjack, and they have a slight difference. It will be better to begin with classic or Caribbean free online Blackjack as soon as these games will give you the basic knowledge about “21” (another name of this table entertainment).

Classic BJ rules: cards meanings

Here everything is simple. Just remember that free Blackjack online cards have the following meanings:

  • Pictures and 10 are 10 points;
  • Ace is 11 or 1 point depending on the situation in the game;
  • Other cards value correspond to their numbers (9 is 9, 7 is 7, etc.).

Rules of Caribbean BJ

In this type of blackjack, a standard deck is used, including 52 cards. It has some differences with the rules of the classic game:

  • An Ace in this Blackjack online free game always has only one point value;
  • If there is an Ace in the combination, along with two ten-point cards, it is called “Caribbean 21;
  • The player has the right to make absolutely any number of double bets. After doubling, the player has the right to continue to perform the draw;
  • The player can split any two cards;
  • They can fold the cards anytime, losing 50 percent of all bets made;
  • With equality on points, the dealer wins;
  • At the very beginning of the game, the dealer takes only 1 open card;
  • If a dealer opens an Ace, the player has the opportunity to make a safe bet, which will be paid 9 to 1.

Pros of playing online BJ for free

When people choose Blackjack online free table game, they can bet without any risk to lose money. They get a priceless experience, which will help them further to become a winner.

Even if these players understand that cards games and even gambling are not for them, the time spent in the online casino will be never forgotten. It will be one of the best pastimes and a great chance to relax, especially if they experienced some stresses before.

Where to play for free

Blackjack free online game is available in the casinos that have the slots simulating it. No one can try this entertainment in a live dealer casino unless they register there. Besides, even after the registration, gambling with real dealers is possible only when the user bets with real money. BJ training pastime is possible only on the sites, which welcome guests, who choose the slots.

For example, Blackjack online free Microgaming slots are available on certain playing resources. These are the casinos popular with many Americans:

  • Eastside Cannery;
  • Plaza;
  • Mr. Green;
  • William Hill;
  • Royal Panda, etc.
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